Riverhouse Farm Sprouts “Walking Roots”

Summer 2009 at Riverhouse CSA in Sellwood Portland OregonAfter seven years of nurturing roots in this urban oasis, this steward passes the torch. Riverhouse Farm has sprouted “Walking Roots” and will be digging into soil and seeding in the rural Willamette Valley this season. If you are interested in staple crops (grains, beans, oilseeds), medicinal herbs or seed-saving, please drop a line.

Stewardship of the Riverhouse gardens now resides with  Joshua Dodds of Velocifeed Farm. Please contact Josh for  urban produce inquiries. Produce CSA shares for 2011 are available now!


On the banks of the Crystal Springs Creek lies a pumpkin orange house and cottage.  You may walk across one of the footbridges to where a duplex once stood.  With just a few foot-falls, you’ll be standing in nature-sculpted fiends of flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables.  You will notice that you’re surrounded by burgeoning wildlife, the clucks of happy hens and euphoric sensory delight.  The duplex is no more, and you’ll certainly agree, that’s just fine.

RiverHouse Farm is a Community-supported (a.k.a. “subscription”) Urban Farm and Community-gathering Sanctuary, located in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon.  In the 20+ years since that duplex stood, dozens of crops for food, medicine and the love of beauty have been cultivated and harvested from this space for the friends, residents and neighbours of the Riverhouse.

Reinvigourated as a sustainable agricultural enterprise in 2007, the Riverhouse Farm is a nealry quarter-acre sustainable-organic farm that also functions as a healthy ecosystem — one that some folks might call an actual working example of permaculture.

Nikki Surveys HeartField Farm on Johnson Creek, Clackamas County, Oregon

Eat; eat well.  Be; be well.  Prepare and Evolve.


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